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Contractors’ Handbook published

The second edition of the popular Contractors’ Handbook has been published. The updated edition contains expanded sections on the Agency Workers Regulations and the recent HMRC IR35 business test.

In the three years since the Handbook was first released, the contracting landscape has changed significantly – both as a result of the economic downturn (which has made contracting / freelancing an increasingly popular career option), and also due to legislative and regulatory changes.

The 596 page publication provides useful advice and practical tips for professionals thinking about making the leap, as well as for seasoned contractors. The chapters cover everything from finding contract work, to appointing an accountant, negotiating your contract rate, and how to treat your contracting career as a business.

The revised book contains a new chapter on the AWR, updated IR35 information (the latest case law and changes to the official HMRC guidance), what to do when things go wrong, and extensive information for contractors working in the UK from overseas.

Dave Chaplin, a former contractor, and CEO of ContractorCalculator – an industry resource site, said that the second edition represents a significant upgrade to the first:

“The second edition contains 40% new material including all the latest information on IR35 that was released by HMRC in May 2012.”


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