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UK’s ‘Patent Box’ tax incentive to be watered down

by James Leckie ·November 19, 2014

In a compromise agreement, the Government is to water down the ‘Patent Box’ scheme, which provides tax incentives to companies who can attribute profits to patents and other types of intellectual property.
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Guide to company dividends, and calculating dividend tax

by James Leckie ·November 18, 2014

Salary aside, most limited company directors (and shareholders) typically draw down most of their income in the form of dividends. Dividends are distributed by companies of all types in order to return a proportion of company profits back to their shareholders.
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The Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 was originally devised as a way of ensuring small businesses are not left out of pocket by late payments, and sets out the entitlement to charge a statutory rate of interest on any overdue invoices.
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Social media is here to stay, and while its potential has been recognised by most businesses, unfortunately many companies quickly lose energy and enthusiasm when the results aren’t quite as big as their ambitions.
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Once you’ve submitted your company formation details to Companies House, and your application has been accepted, you will be sent a certificate of incorporation, which states your company name and other details.
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Employers should be aware of a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling which means that regular overtime must be included when calculating the holiday pay entitlement of employees. An HR expert examines the likely implications for business owners.
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Useful exporting tips for small businesses

by James Leckie ·November 10, 2014

To coincide with National Export Week, we look at some important things prospective small business exporters should consider before entering a new overseas market, and list some essential online exporting resources.
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Business owners are using new technology to help their employees to work remotely, driving down fixed costs which may be better used elsewhere. He we look at how collaboration apps can save you time and money.
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Becoming self-employed – what is a partnership?

by James Leckie ·November 6, 2014

In this article, we look at another type of business structure – the partnership – which enables two or more self employed people to set up in business together.
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Arranging an overdraft for your business – the basics

by James Leckie ·November 5, 2014

There may be times when you need access to extra funds to help with your business cashflow, or simply to know that a short-term lending facility is in place should you need it.
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A new study has found that most potential investors in small businesses projects are completely unaware that they can take advantage of a range of Government-backed tax relief schemes.
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How do you switch business bank accounts?

by James Leckie ·November 3, 2014

Many small business owners are reluctant to move banking providers, even if they can get a better deal elsewhere. The perceived ‘hassle’ associated with a switch is the main reason. However, since 2013, the major banks have all guaranteed to complete a business bank account switch within 7 days.
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What are the Articles and Memorandum of Association?

by James Leckie ·October 30, 2014

If you want to form a limited company, in addition to Form IN01 (application to register a company), you must also provide a copy of your company Memorandum and Articles of Association to Companies House.
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Corporation Tax – what is marginal relief?

by James Leckie ·October 29, 2014

Marginal Relief bridges the gap between paying Corporation Tax at the ‘small profits rate’, and the main rate. Businesses are eligible to claim Marginal Relief on profits falling between £300,000 and £1.5m.
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Write an eye-catching press release for your business

by James Leckie ·October 28, 2014

One of the main components of any small business owner’s PR armoury is the trusty press release. If used successfully, they can generate lots of free publicity for your firm. Unfortunately, most press releases are consigned to the bin within seconds. So, how do you ensure that your releases are eye-catching?
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PR on a budget – 10 tips for small businesses

by James Leckie ·October 27, 2014

You need to let the world know about your new business, but what if you have a small PR budget, or no budget at all? Here we look at how you can spread the word about your business for a minimal outlay.
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What is Companies House?

by James Leckie ·October 22, 2014

Companies House is the Registrar of Companies in the UK. It oversees the incorporation and dissolution of all incorporated business structures, and acts as a central repository for information relating to all limited companies.
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Success Stories #9 – Ed Molyneux and FreeAgent

by James Leckie ·October 21, 2014

In this interview, we talk to Ed Molyneux, the CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent, the UK’s market-leading online accounting system, which has been designed specifically for small business owners and freelancers.
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