How to deal with late payment issues

by James Leckie ·August 29, 2014

Late payment is one of the leading causes of business failure. When the cash stops flowing, many firms  – even successful ones – could be forced out of business. Keeping on top of your cash flow should be a priority for all business owners.
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Temporary workers offer the perfect short-term staffing solution for many small businesses – without the financial and legal obligations of taking on full-time employees. Here we look at your legal responsibilities when you take on different types of staff – agency, fixed-term and zero-hours workers.
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5 apps every small business owner should use

by James Leckie ·August 27, 2014

If you’re looking for an easier way to invoice, collaborate, communicate, email, or share pretty much anything online, chances are you’ll be able to find an app to serve your needs. Even better, many are free – and  if not, you can download many of the best business apps for just a few pounds.
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How many directors must a limited company have?

by James Leckie ·August 26, 2014

Company law determines how many officials must be appointed to run private and public companies in the UK.
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Dismissing an employee – procedures you must follow

by James Leckie ·August 21, 2014

Issues surrounding employment law can be a potential minefield for employers – especially if you don’t follow the right procedures. Here, Kirsty Burgess from citrusHR explains what small business owners need to bear in mind if they decide to dismiss a member of staff.
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How does the flat rate VAT scheme work?

by James Leckie ·August 20, 2014

Several VAT schemes are open to business owners depending on their financial profile. The flat rate scheme was created to make VAT accounting simpler for qualifying businesses, by allowing them to pay VAT at a fixed percentage of turnover rather than on a transaction by transaction basis.
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Running a small business from home

by James Leckie ·August 19, 2014

More and more people are setting up their own businesses from home, thanks to major advances in web technology, and the realisation that there is no such thing as a ‘permanent’ job any more.
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New measures to help home-based businesses

by James Leckie ·August 18, 2014

In recognition of the rapidly changing face of UK employment, the Government says it will implement new legislation to encourage business owners who start up from home, including protection for those working from rented accommodation.
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Franchising basics – the pros and cons

by James Leckie ·August 15, 2014

Franchising is a very specific business structure – it can be easiest to think of it as a kind of licensing, allowing an individual to run a company of their own, but using another company’s brand name, trademarks and suppliers.
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Claiming home office expenses – sole traders

by James Leckie ·August 14, 2014

If you’re self-employed, you can claim for a wide range of expenses against your tax bill, although you have to be careful to only apportion costs which have been genuinely incurred in the running of your business.
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UK’s self-employed army growing fast

by James Leckie ·August 13, 2014

A new study by the IPPR think tank shows that the proportion of people working for themselves is growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in Western Europe.
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How to get your small business online

by James Leckie ·August 12, 2014

Almost all businesses would benefit in some way from setting up a website – not only to sell products or services, but also to provide a brochure to potential clients or customers, or simply to provide contact information. So, how do you set up your own business website?
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In order to understand the reason for this, you need to understand the different types of rights that shares give their owners. Ordinary shares will generally have all of these rights but that doesn’t have to be the case and it’s this that gives rise to the benefit of different share classes.
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Companies House data – free of charge from 2015

by James Leckie ·August 8, 2014

From early 2015, you will be able to download information from Companies House free of charge, making the UK register company data more transparent, and saving searchers millions in fees.
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Business Accelerator event – London 23rd September

by James Leckie ·August 7, 2014

Some top entrepreneurs will be on hand to share the secrets of their success with ambitious start-up owners at the Business Accelerator Conference, which takes place in London in September.
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What types of limited company are there?

by James Leckie ·August 5, 2014

When most people refer to a ‘company’, they usually mean a private limited company which has shareholders. However, there are several other types of company which all serve a different purpose.
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Taking on your first employee is a big deal. Not only will you be handing over responsibility for part of your business to someone new, but you will also have to be aware of your duties and obligations as an employer.
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What your LinkedIn profile says about you

by James Leckie ·August 1, 2014

Simon Philips, author of a new guide to professional networking, explains just how much a potential client can find out about you from your LinkedIn profile, and how you can use this to your advantage.
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Key considerations when valuing a business

by James Leckie ·July 31, 2014

Whether you have decided to sell or buy a company, or simply want to know how much your company might be worth, there are a number of conventional ways to value a business. In this article, we look at many of the intangible factors which should be considered when valuing a company, and often have more of a bearing on the real value of a business than any formulae can ever do.
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For this success story, we spoke to Dave Millett, who spent many years working in the telecoms industry before launching Equinox Communications, a consultancy and brokerage which shows companies and organisations how to save a fortune on their telecoms bills by avoiding industry ‘cowboys’.
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