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10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Remote Workers

Remote work has become the normality for many these days, with flexible hours and home working being a beneficial and ideal work environment. Starting a small business does take time as you’ll need to research what documents you’ll need, where to remotely set up, and how working remotely will affect your day-to-day. Here are 10 profitable small business ideas for those looking to set up a remote business.

1. Social media manager

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for managing all social accounts of a business. This job entails managing all types of content for a business; this can include images, videos, articles, and promoting the website. Working remotely gives the flexibility to create a social media marketing campaign to help drive your client traffic and provide additional services like content creation, scheduling, and engagement.

2. Online tutor

Starting a career as a tutor is a great way to open the cash flow. From tutoring a language to teaching Maths or English, online tutoring is a great remote job as this can be done through a video call using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Working at the hours that suit you, tutoring doesn’t have to last long, if you have set a reasonable hourly rate and the right information at hand.

3. Freelance writer

Whether you are writing blogs for your website, or someone else, specialising in a niche subject such as technology, cryptocurrency, or even retail estate can make you stand out from the crowd and draw in lots of work from different clients. As a freelance writer, you can write for newspapers, as well as different media platforms. Experience in SEO and editing would be beneficial for this type of role due to the strong amount of content produced monthly.

4. Pet sitter/walker

Pet care is growing in demand, and not just for cats and dogs. Those who do not work from home, or perhaps travel frequently, don’t always have the availability to provide care to their animals. Pet sitting can vary from feeding the animal, to playing, or even staying in the owner’s house overnight. You can set your prices depending on the service you wish to provide, as some are more expensive than others and can take up different amounts of time. Download pet sitting apps like Rover to share your pet care experiences and add credibility to your profile.

5. Accountant

Businesses always need an accountant to manage their finances. Bookkeeping is a beneficial skill to have as an accountant, as well as being able to analyse finances and prepare tax returns. Staying organised is a vital part of the role, with lots of paperwork bound to pile up.

6. Photographer

A remote photographer can vary from directing a photoshoot through Zoom, to clients coming to your house or studio instead of you making the journey. Photography isn’t just about taking photographs, but also the ability to edit photographs, retouch, or even provide images for websites such as stock photos. These different tools can be charged depending on what the client wants, resulting in a profitable business.

7. Baker

Etsy can be a great starting point for bakers wanting to make their business known. Cakes and cookies can be a great food item to make, with letterbox packages being a great example of the demand for baking goods. To make your business stand out, why not make cookies for baby showers or birthdays to target a specific audience.

8. Graphic designer

Graphic design is an in-demand skill that many employers are looking for. Starting a small business as a graphic designer, you will need to know how to design logos, create marketing material, and create social media creatives that are visually engaging. There are many different tools such as Canva and Adobe which can be used to start your career as a graphic designer, transforming into more creative design platforms as you get more confident in your abilities.

9. Online PT

In-person gyms can be overwhelming sometimes, with some gymgoers preferring a virtual class, or an online personal trainer (PT). A PT doesn’t mean that you are with the client 24/7, but also create weekly goals, a customised workout plan to achieve this, and even a nutritional food plan.

10. Software developer

Remote software developers can work anywhere in the world, as projects will include building apps for mobiles and tablets and developing existing software. These programming skills can be used if you have the correct software to do this. Invest in a good-quality laptop to kickstart yourself as a software developer.

These 10 small business ideas can help you become a profitable remote worker, with the ability to transform your passions into a small business reality.

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