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Check Companies House data via new mobile app

The Registrar of Companies has launched a new mobile app to allow users to search its database of over 2.7 million live companies, and view historical formations data.

The new app (which you can download from the Apple App Store) provides access to the Companies House database, enabling you to search for a company’s address, status and filing history. You can also check when limited company accounts and Annual Returns are due (or if they are overdue).

Alongside the ability to search the live database, the app also provides up-to-date stats on the number of new company formations and dissolutions over customisable time periods.

The 25 year graph shows a marked increase in the number of companies formed since the start of the new millennium – with a significant dip in formations, and soaring number of dissolutions during 2008/9. The stats also reveal the seasonal trends in company incorporations, with a marked increase in formations at the start of each new year.

Companies House is only currently offering the Apple app, although an Android version should be available by the end of 2012.

The current app is free to use, and there is no need to register your details.

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