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In the latest research conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), it was found that small businesses need innovation to narrow the productivity gap. As a result of this research carried out, the FSB are calling on the government to introduce a new tax credit. The lack of innovation within the UK small business sector is worrying and is having a negative impact on the overall productivity. With innovation, small businesses can grow and thrive.

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The problem with the lack of diversity in the life sciences industry is more severe than people perhaps imagined according to new research conducted by the Epsen Fuller Group earlier this year. Only 12.7% and 8.3% of directorships of small to micro pharma, medical devices and bio tech companies are women. The research also shows that there’s been little progress since 2000 in decreasing racial disparities for interest and aptitude in STEM subjects.

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Stand out from the crowd and bring something new and unique to the market is something that is essential for start-ups do. Making something different whether it is a product or the way you deliver a service will help you outshine and stand against your competitors. Small businesses have corporate giants as well as independent small businesses as competitors, therefore they have to work extra hard at being memorable and different. [continue reading…]