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Top 5 ways to save energy for your small business

It’s energy saving week this week and in honour of this we have compiled a list of ways you can help save energy. You can also save money for your small business by making some of these small changes. So saving energy is a win win situation, enabling you to save the planet as well as money.

save energy

Here are some of the ways you and your staff can save energy in the workplace and consequently save money.

Little things

To begin your energy saving scheme, start with the little things. These are small simple things like switching off lights in the meeting room when nobody is in there, or switch off your computers or laptops rather than leaving them on standby. Making sure that are all the electricals are turned off when you leave the office and overnight also goes a long way, and you may wish to assign this task to the last person to leave at the end of the day. These little things can make a big difference.

Set clear energy goals

Once you know where you consume the most energy, you can set goals in order to save it. You need to set clear attainable goals in order for them to be achieved. This will allow you to work towards something, and give you the motivation to do so. Once you have set goals, make sure to actually track them and set more once they have been achieved.

Get your employees involved

This is probably one of the most important ways to make your energy saving schemes effective. Make energy saving a collective team effort as this will mean that the whole office is involved and you will generate better results. You can also give your staff perks or incentives to encourage and motivate them, and lead the way by setting an example for your employees to follow. For example, if you are doing little things like turning the lights off, you will be encouraging your staff to do the same. This will enable to you to create an energy saving work culture and save money as a result.

Switch to LED lightbulbs

If your bulbs or lighting needs replacing in your office, then perhaps consider using LED lightbulbs. They are great for energy saving and are efficient in producing light. If you do get LED lightbulbs then make sure you purchase ones with the most suitable and adequate output.

Business energy monitor

Invest in a business energy monitor and track your energy consumption in real time. This will allow you to fully see where you are using your energy, and it will give you an indication of where you can start saving energy. You can shape your goals and objectives around what the monitor is telling you. Also ask your energy providers for more information on how to save energy, and see if they can provide you with any other great energy saving ideas.

These are just some of the ways in which you can save energy. However, there are always more ideas and ways to save energy and cut costs. It’s important to make it a collective effort and make sure to track how much energy you are using.

More on how to save money for you small business, as well as, cutting start up costs. You can also watch this video for more energy saving tips.

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