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10 things to look out for when choosing storage for your business

Do you desperately need to find some more space in the office but can’t afford to move elsewhere right now? Perhaps your office is simply lacking space or maybe you no longer need certain items on a daily basis but need them in the long run and they are just taking up room. If this sounds familiar then you are probably looking into extra storage outside of the office.

Whatever your reasons, consider these 10 simple things to look out for when choosing storage for your business.


Keep in mind that you may have to add to the contents, and if you need to find something, you want to have enough room to be able to dig it out so don’t skimp on size! If you go down the smallest possible route you risk having to empty it and move it all to a new storage unit as soon as you’ve transferred even more clutter.


You want your storage to be easily accessible and close to where the main business is so, should you need to get something out of it, you can without too much hassle! Check how many units are available and whether it’s a well looked after and clean unit before you sign yourself up to a deal.


Make sure that your storage unit is going to be closely monitored and has first-rate security before you start leaving important business material inside. The storage area should have CCTV and locked gates onto the premises. It’s also essential that it has smoke and fire detection equipment so that there’s less risk of your goods getting damaged.


Storage can be expensive, if you’re looking to rent a big space, so make sure you’ve budgeted for the monthly rental fee and any additional costs including electricity, storage preparation and any other extra costs that may incur after a certain amount of time.

Opening hours

You want security but you also need accessibility. To get a good balance of both, check opening hours and see if they work for you. It would be helpful if the units are open 24 hours a day but this isn’t the case with all storage units so make sure you check.

Look for extra services

It’s no use if you’re paying good money for a storage unit only to be given the combination and forgotten about. Make sure you’re renting off well-reviewed people who will help you out when it comes to the moving in and moving out. Some storage unit companies even offer van hire and help, as well as Internet, mailboxes and shelving – so look for these extra services and make the best use of them.

Dealing with your account

Like most things these days, you want to be able to deal with your account for payments and information online. Look for a storage unit that is in keeping with the times and has an online account section on their website for making payment and alterations.

Visit lots of storage units before you settle

Not just to check out different storage unit’s cleanliness and space but also to see what the owners and management are like, get a feel for the place just as you would if you were going to rent a house.

Missing a payment

If you don’t get set up with an online account and forget to call up and pay, you might face enormous daily fees or even eviction. So get the managers mindset on this before you sign the papers, then you won’t have to deal with those hidden fees.


Most storage companies are not liable if anything happens to your unit and its contents so either get insured through them for that extra cover or alternatively find your own insurance for your unit.

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