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How small businesses can deal with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus has started to take its toll on the UK economy, the general public and small businesses. There is a lot of panic and anxiety with constant news of new cases and deaths due to the virus. This is an especially difficult time for small businesses, who will struggle to keep afloat with the lack of consumer demand. Whether you run a restaurant or a clothing shop on the high street, the effects of this pandemic are being felt.

How small businesses can deal with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In these uncertain times, it is essential we do all we can to keep safe. So here are some ways small businesses can deal with Coronavirus, ensuring that their staff and customers are cared for.

Deep clean

Now might be a good time to close your store, office or any other place of work and have a professional deep clean of your workplace. This can allow you to reopen and to reassure staff and customers that these actions have been taken. For example, many gyms have closed temporarily in order to get a deep clean to ensure they are providing a clean environment for their members and staff.

Hygiene measures

If your business is still open and trying to navigate through these difficult time, make sure that you are putting in hygiene measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety. This can be simple things like having anti-bacterial hand gel available, making sure you have handwashing facilities and cleaning the workplace before the end of the day.  

Assure customers

A number of the biggest companies in the UK are reaching out to their customers to assure them. For example, Sainsbury’s sent out an email to assure their customers that there are enough supplies and asked them to only buy what they need rather than stockpile. Whether it’s an email or posts on social media. It might be a good idea to let your customer base know what measures you have put in place for their wellbeing.

Follow the latest news

As a business owner its essential you keep up with the news, whether it’s the latest advice from the NHS or any government announcements. Keep up to date with the latest information and make sure that you act accordingly.

Keep up with the updates from the government here.

Keep up with advice from the NHS here.

Get employees to work from home

If you have staff that can work from home, encourage them to do so. Of course, this may be impossible for some if you run a clothing store or a café. However, if your business is office-based, then it’s probably a better option for your workforce to be working from home.

Here are some tips on communicating effectively with your remote employees to ensure that you stay connected.

Take a break from the news

Although it’s suggested that you keep up to date from the news and the latest updated, it’s vital that you also take a break from it. Spending all day consuming news about the coronavirus will fuel anxiety and panic, which will help nobody. It can also take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing, especially when taking into consideration your businesses likelihood to survive. Therefore, it’s essential you keep calm, take precautions and make sure that you are following the advice given.

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