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Why you need a Pinterest profile for your small business

In small business, getting your name out there is often one of the most difficult tasks. With lower margins and fewer employees, marketing strategically is increasingly important to the success of your business. That means utilising social media to its fullest potential, and sometimes in unexpected ways. As a small business owner, you know that Facebook and Instagram are essentials at this point. However, there is another social media channel with engaged users who are receptive to brand discovery: Pinterest.

This visual platform allows users to create virtual mood-boards with content shared by other users from websites. In addition, a large majority of Pinterest users are using the site to help make purchase decisions, making it an ideal way to connect with potential customers. In addition, Pinterest users tend to be very open to discovering new brands on their search for the perfect image, allowing smaller businesses a chance at winning a client.

Pinterest allows brands to both advertise and create content to drive traffic to their website. So even if your advertising budget is small, you can still find leads with quality content.

Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when creating a business Pinterest account:

Optimise your profile

Make sure you set up a business rather than a personal account, so people can more easily find your actual website. In addition, adding important keywords in your about section can make your profile more discoverable. Keep in mind that an ever-increasing number of users are visiting Pinterest and your website on mobile, so make sure to optimise for those smaller screens.

Create great content

The kinds of posts that do well on Pinterest are usually visually compelling, informative, or otherwise helpful or unique in some way. Keep in mind the consistency visually across your Pinterest boards and website. A cohesive look is associated with better performance of ads and posts.

Make it easy

It may seem like too large a task to take on an additional social channel in your marketing efforts, but there are ways to make it simple for you to keep up your Pinterest presence. Consider getting a posting schedule to automate the process, so you don’t have to worry throughout the week. In addition, adding a Pinterest button to your website will help other users share your content on Pinterest.

For more specific advice and stats on how to perfect your small business Pinterest profile, check out this infographic below by Fundera:

Pinterest profile for your small business

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