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Useful web resources for limited company owners

A recent survey found that the majority of small company owners now look to the web to source the information they require to run and expand their businesses. So, which sites should you visit as a starting point?

A poll, conducted by AXA, found that of people actively seeking business advice this year, 37% would approach other business people online, and 29% would use ‘business networks’ to gain the knowledge they require.

Interestingly, the vast majority of respondents to the survey said that they didn’t intend using Government resources to help develop their business plans, with a substantial number stating their distrust of Government data.

Here are some useful resources we use here at Company Bug, for general news and advice:

Business information

For small business advice, Company Bug can provide you advice on starting up, growing your business to the latest news in the small business sector.

For limited company contractors the leading Contractor portal is Contractor UK. The leading organisation representing professional contractors is IPSE – which campaigns on behalf of contractors, and contains a wide range of insurances and protection for members.

Business networking

The rise of social networks in recent years has changed the way any of us do business, and particularly how we keep in touch with colleagues, and get in touch with prospects. Aside from Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is the network of choice for business people.

One of the most popular traditional forums for company owners are the UK Business Forums which are used by thousands of business people.

Membership of both networks is free, although you will gain extra benefits if you opt for paid membership (e.g. the ability to send introductory emails to people you don’t know on LinkedIn, or to post your company URL on UKBF discussions).

Further Information

Alongside this select list, you can find many more links (including web addresses for the leading business organisations) here.

If you’re looking for a new role (or need to source an IT expert for your firm), try WebDesignJobs.co.uk and WebDeveloperJobs.co.uk.

To suggest further resources for inclusion here, simply email us.

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