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4 Ways to utilise better advertising for your business

If your company is ready to grow, or you just want to improve your marketing strategy, there are several innovative ways to utilise advertising that you probably already have in place, as well as additional options you might also want to consider.

better advertising for your business

Here are 4 ways to utilise better advertising for your business as told by Anica Oaks in collaboration with Ryanao.


Most companies maintain a fairly standard and predictable website. It describes the business, explains products or services, touts special features or promotions, and may include reviews or testimonials. Take your website a step further by adding interactive elements, which helps to engage viewers more readily and may turn shoppers into buyers. Post a survey or questionnaire that invites visitor participation. Sponsor a new product name contest that lets viewers compete. Provide a forum for questions or discussion. The longer that visitors linger, the more attached they may become to your company.

Community involvement

Assuming your company has a visible presence via signage and ads in the local community, become more personally involved. Donate to special causes like a local charity or a youth sports club or volunteer at a nearby homeless shelter. Give a talk related to your business experience or professional skills at a community group event. As locals get to know you and admire what you give back to the area, they may become more interested in doing business with you.


You probably read business blogs or vlogs connected to the sector in which you are employed or the business world generally. You may want to offer guest blog posts with your perspective or insight. Not only can this increase your company’s exposure, but you can also earn money by guest blogging. If you enjoy writing, you can also start your own blog and host it on your website. Some viewers enjoy reading blogs to learn more about the business or the industry, and they may decide to become customers if they like your blog.

Social media

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great ways to get the company name out there and engage with prospective customers. Consider moving to the next level by posting YouTube videos demonstrating your product or service, or providing informational talks that viewers will appreciate as they become familiar with your personality and style. Consult a video production company to learn more about how to make and upload instructional or motivational videos that may become effective marketing tools.

You don’t have to necessarily change your advertising approach. Just take it up a notch by trying options like these to increase your visibility and appeal to the public.

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