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How colours can help your online business convert

Colours have a way of captivating the senses and evoking emotions, from the calming blue of the sky to the cheerful golden glow of the sun. Many studies have pointed to colours as great influencers of human behaviour. 

The brilliant folks behind DesignAdvisor have put together a handy infographic to illustrate how different colours influence the way humans organise, identify, and interpret sensory information and help shape their perception.

The best way to make the most of colour psychology is to incorporate it into different visual aspects of your business. This method can captivate your visitors’ attention and increase the rate of conversion into paying customers. Here are some of the most popular colours that can evoke emotional responses and influence your potential customers’ behaviours:

Red can incite excitement

Coca-Cola, KFC, Red Bull, and TIME are just some of the prominent brands that successfully used the colour red in their logo and branding. Red evokes feelings of excitement and can also incite a sense of urgency, to the point of increasing an observer’s heart rate. That is part of the reason why shopping malls tend to use red during clearance sales.

Blue is for trust

The colour blue inspires trust, making it a popular choice in a broad range of industries. It is also a symbol of tranquillity and productivity. In order to communicate their commitment to their clients’ security, banks and other businesses make use of the colour blue. It is a colour favoured by 57% of men and 35% of women. While it is a big help for industries like healthcare, energy, finance, and technology, businesses dealing with household products should stay away from blue.

Green suggests harmony

Always relaxing to the eyes, the colour green is a staple in many stores. It puts customers at ease, which is why it is commonly seen in the technological, household, and energy sectors. It is also known to spark creativity due to its positive association with nature. If you want your online store to be more inviting, you can use green to cultivate that kind of perception.

Orange inspires confidence and enthusiasm

One of the warmest colours, orange is the best choice if you want to encourage your customers to act. In many websites, orange stands out if used for call-to-action buttons. It is easier to draw your customers’ eyes to your CTA if it is orange, whether you want them to sell, buy, or subscribe.

Get ready to boost your brand awareness and attract more customers with the clever use of colours. You can discover and learn more about the psychology of colours and their impact on customer conversion with the help of the infographic below.

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