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Creating a unique selling proposition (USP) for your small business

A unique selling proposition, also referred to as a unique selling point, is a marketing concept used to express the difference between your product/service compared to others. Differentiation is one of the most important parts of any business, you must stand out from the crowd and against your competitors. When you have a small business, a USP could be the difference between failure and success. It can help identify you and enable you to actually compete with big brands.

calculator unique selling proposition (USP)Here are some of the ways you can create a USP for your business, which could change the face of your company.

Find your perfect customer

This may be difficult and may take time, however it is an ideal way to come up with a USP. Appealing to your perfect customer will help you focus on who you are selling to.

Focus on a niche

Change the game instead of competing for one spot. For example if you have a restaurant then it’s much easier to be the best place for something in particular rather than best place in town. Focus on what you can do to be different, as trying to be known for everything will only lead to not being known for anything at all. And it’s not just your product that can be the differentiating factor, it could be your location i.e. there are no other competing businesses in that area, or it could even be the process you use to make your product i.e you only use organic materials.

Make your personality shine

A strong personality that is appealing to your target customer can be a great part of your USP. This is especially true for small businesses as a strong personality can really help your business be a success. If your personality compliments your business, it will make you memorable. For example if you run a gym gear/essentials business and you are someone who spends a lot of time at the gym, your customers are more likely to believe in you and your product.

Gain trust

By ensuring your small business has all of the relevant qualifications, training, memberships etc. in the given field, you will build trust with your customers and you can turn this into your USP. If your business has qualifications and achievements which your competitors do not this is the perfect way to differentiate yourselves.

Believe in something

What are the values and causes you truly believe in? There are so many causes your small business can support and again this could be your USP as you will find th is attracts customers who share your interests and values. It could be a specific charity you wish to support or it may be a cause such as equality, sustainability or fair trade.

One step ahead

Be constantly aware of competitors. You should not constantly change your USP because it may confuse the audience/customer. However, it is advised to keep your USP fresh and make sure you are aware of trends and what competitors are up to.

For more information, check out our ‘starting up‘ and ‘grow your business’ section.

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