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Manage your time as a small business owner

Managing time and using it effectively can be a challenge in itself, however when you are a small business owner it can prove to be even more difficult as you may have to deal with heavy work load. This guide will give you tips on how to manage your time effectively to get the best results for your business.

stopwatch- Manage your time


It is important to take time out of your morning to plan your day. This will get you mentally prepared and focused for your day. It will also allow you to stay focused throughout to reach your aim/goal for the day. Also it will ensure that you do not miss any important meetings/appointments.


There are four categories of prioritisation, and they are:

  1. Important and urgent – these tasks will require your attention immediately therefore, take time to plan these into your day.
  2. Important but not urgent – with these tasks you really need to use your prioritisation skills and plan them in when you have time or when they start to become more urgent.
  3. Urgent but not important – if a task is not too important then delegate. If you have a team or a partner then delegate to ensure you are focused on the important and urgent tasks.
  4. Not urgent and not important – if these tasks are just giving the illusion of keeping you busy, then they are not adding any value to your work. If they need to be carried out then delegate them.

Use lists

If lists work for you then use them as they are a great way of helping you prioritise. Also make sure to tick of the tasks as you go, giving you a sense of achievement.

Say no

It can be difficult to say no sometimes, however you must put the task at hand first. Saying no will help you stay focused and not waste your time that could be used to improve your business, and help it progress.


If you have a good team around you then use them. Delegate the tasks, so you are not solely dealing with all the tasks. It will enable the team to have an understanding of all the tasks that need to be completed. If you don’t happen to have a team then seek help when need be.

Avoid distractions

This is probably the most important in terms of time management. Phones tend to be a big distraction, unless you need social media for your business, avoid it. If your phone is not vital to the success of your business, put it away and leave it on silent so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Take time out

Occasionally you may need to take some time out. It will ensure that you are able to mentally stay focused. Sleep and regular exercise are also advised as they ensure a high functioning mind.

Managing and maximising your time will ensure a smoothly run business. For more information on setting up small businesses and helping them progress then check out our start up guides.

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