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Signs you should be working for yourself

Some people are comfortable with the routine and regular income that comes from being an employee. If being an employee suits you then that’s great. However, for some people being an employee can feel like an inescapable trap. If you start feeling like that then you should consider starting your own business. You will need certain skills to thrive as a business owner, but most importantly you need to be a leader and be focused in order to be a good entrepreneur.

working for yourself

If you are fed up of your workplace, then being self-employed might be for you. Here are some signs that should give you a good indicator of whether you need to start working for yourself or not.

You have outgrown your role

It might be possible that at one point you loved your job and really excelled in it. However, some job roles can limit your progress and can make your role feel stagnant. If you feel like you have outgrown your role, that it is keeping you from progressing, and if you have a need to constantly learn and grow, then being a business owner may be the job for you. In life, it’s important to always be facing new challenges and learning because without progress you will feel trapped and helpless.

Bad relationship with your boss

A bad relationship with your boss could be due to many reasons and it might even make you consider leaving the company. However, the reason for the conflict may give you an indication of what to do. Does your boss feels threatened by you? Or do they not give a way to progress in the company? Do you clash because you are not given enough independence in your role? Or over the way that things should be done? These kinds of conflicts may indicate that you should think about leaving and becoming your own boss.

You are underappreciated

There are many ways to show appreciation for the work that employees do. You might be a hard-working employee that goes above and beyond to get the job done. If you are still feeling underappreciated then you will need to consider an alternative for your career. As a business owner, you may not feel appreciated, but you will be a leader, therefore you will be accomplished. If you have not been promoted, been given a bonus or your hard work isn’t acknowledged, then it might be the time for you to move on.

The 9 to 5 routine is making you unhappy

The 9 to 5 time can be a comfortable routine for many people. However, it can make you feel like a robot and result in making you unhappy. If you strive for flexibility and being able to work from home then there are many business ideas you could consider. Working from home can even lead to better productivity

You’re daydreaming about being your own boss

If you are more focused on the idea of being your own boss and running your business then the time to make that a reality is now. Instead of being in the limbo of being an employee and wanting to be a business owner, just make the first move. Consider your skill set and really think about whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some of the most important skills needed are leadership skills as well as a healthy dose of passion. Starting and growing a business will certainly challenge you, but it will also be incredibly rewarding.

You have business ideas

If you have gone as far as coming up different business ideas then the dream of running your business is already nestled in some part of your mind. Do some market research and invest time into your business ideas to see the possibility of making them a reality. If you have business ideas but don’t want to leave the security of employment then you could always start it as a side hustle. Running your business can be a huge risk so starting a business part-time might be ideal for you.

You want to learn and grow

If you have the drive and desire to constantly be learning and growing then the role of a business owner may be perfect for you. As a business owner, you will always be learning new things and you will do this by playing multiple roles within your business. Adding to your skills is essential as a business owner. If your current job is restricting you from growing as a person and progressing in your career, then you may need to consider a role that will let you spread your wings.

You have leadership skills

As mentioned, one of the most important sets of skills to have when setting up and running a small business is leadership skills. If you already have them and can display them then you are already on the right path. If your role is not aiding you in improving these skills, or actually allowing you to fully use them, then seek a role as a business owner. You will need to display leadership skills in order to make a business a success. Therefore, if you have these skills then consider getting started on your dream.

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