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7 proven employee recognition and appreciation ideas

Employees are the backbone of working institutions. It is therefore important to maintain a good relationship with them. As humans, we want appreciation and to be recognised for our achievements. Lack of this can demoralise us from putting in the effort. We advise employers to drop their ego and create a good relationship with their employees by showing their appreciation.

employee recognition and appreciation ideas

Most experts suggest that to make your employees happy you should create a comfortable working environment. Although a healthy working environment is great, there is more to it than meets the eye, especially when it comes to employee appreciation. Here Jestik highlights how you can show employee recognition and appreciation.

Public appreciation

Showing your employees that you appreciate them on a public platform or situation makes them feel they are part of a team. For example by adding your company group pictures on your company’s website or social platforms. Not only does this make your employees feel important, but it also gives your investors the feeling they are dealing with a well-connected institute.

Celebrate with them

Simple occasions like birthdays and baby showers can be the difference between a good and a bad employer. You do not have to attend all of them but showing you know what is happening in your employees’ lives makes them feel like you care. Most people do not realise that management does not have to turn you into an officer. Keeping close contact with your employees makes them trust you more.

Give prizes

Acknowledge efforts by employees by rewarding them for their efforts. A simple trophy, a family holiday or employee of the month award goes a long way to promoting competition. Do not overdo this or else it loses meaning. As well as individuals, it is also important to reward groups that have performed amazingly throughout the year.

Get out more

Many companies have bought into the employees’ retreat program or ‘team bonding’. Once or twice a year, they go out to have fun together. However, this is not nearly enough. Let your employees feel their work is more relaxing than just hard work, as this boosts their urge to come into work and be productive. Making it enjoyable is important as nobody likes to work in a gloomy environment. Try to do some activities together outside of work too to build a team image and help you get to know them better.

‘Wall of greatness’

The main aim of this tip is to help you show a better appreciation to your workforce. Every time you take a step forward in business, put a picture of the biggest role player on the ‘wall of greatness’. This shows you recognise their efforts in the achievement of certain objectives. It also creates competition amongst workers hence they strive to do better work. Do not shy away from giving special treatment to employees in the wall of greatness if they deserve to be recognised for their hard work.

Peer-to-peer systems

They are important interaction models among employees that help build teamwork. The importance of peer-to-peer systems is that they help you identify employees within a group setting rather than at a personal level. It is also easier for them to discuss what they would like within a group setting rather than individually where they might feel like they are being cross-examined. Create peer-to-peer systems and be part of them to get closer to the employees.

Ask for suggestions.

It is wise not to assume you know everything. Most company directors and managers decide on everything to do with their business, including employee rewards. It is important to let the employees give ideas too as the rewards are for them. From there, you can choose employees’ rewards according to your company’s budget.

We all need to feel that we belong to the company we are working for and that the work we do is important to those we serve. Constant correction makes employees feel their work is not sufficient. While this could boost their work, it could also demoralise them and make them see you as the enemy. Try to give them positive feedback more than the negative and make them see you as a team player.

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