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The benefits of co-working spaces

Co-working is becoming more and more popular, with many corporations choosing to do this instead of having a full time, permanent office space. Coworking is about sharing office space with workers from other companies, all doing their own thing in one large, usually open plan, space. It has many benefits, and it looks as though coworking could really become the way of the future. Cornerstone Office Search give us reasons why so many corporations are choosing coworking as their preferred option.

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You’ll never work alone

Isolation can be great – at first. But the human being was made to be social, and staying away from other people over a long period of time can actually be detrimental to your health. It can, in some instances, cause depression, and at the very least having no exposure to the real world and the other people who live within it, means you miss out on experiences and news.

This is why working at home isn’t for everyone. It’s why not everyone can do it, and even those who can still crave a little conversation from time to time. Yet with more businesses employing workers from all over the country on a remote basis, there is often little choice but to keep everyone separate.

You can hire a coworking space from companies that can help you in finding coworking spaces in London. Hiring a coworking space means that your employees who do want to meet up with others – either from your company or other people entirely – can go to the coworking space and enjoy it. They’ll be more productive if they can be around other people. The ones who prefer their own company can stay at home. You hire the space, it doesn’t matter how many people come and go throughout the day.

You’ll look professional

A professional image can go a long way in business. Although everyone understands that homeworking or remote business is becoming much more the norm, having your home address on your letterheads still has an air of the amateur about it. It’s a stigma that might disappear in time, but for now, it’s here and it can be a problem. Hiring a coworking space and being able to use that address for your business correspondence can solve that problem quickly and easily.

It also means that you’ll always have a space for conducting meetings should you need to (many coworking spaces aren’t just offices but have conference rooms too). Interviews can take place there. Anything that calls for a business space and not your spare bedroom at home can happen in your coworking office.


Some people thrive on routine; it makes them much happier and much more productive. They don’t want to be distracted by the post being delivered or a parcel for next door coming to the wrong house. People don’t want to keep seeing the pile of dirty laundry that is getting bigger by the day. They don’t want to think about whether or not they should run the vacuum around while they’re waiting for an email to come through. People just want to work. They want to leave the house at a certain time, and come back at a certain time, and be productive in between. A coworking space can allow them to do exactly that. It also means that they don’t get tempted to work extra hours, which is all too likely if they work from home. Although it might be good for the company, it’s bad for the worker and their work-life balance. Coworking stops this easily.


Online security – and offline come to that – is a big issue for many businesses. Having an office means keeping every safe, and that can cost a fair amount. In a coworking space, the servers used will be protected, and any kind of online connectivity should also be secure. This gives your corporation an added level of safety when it comes to online activity.

The building itself is often very secure too. Most of these coworking spaces allow for access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and if you need to work late it’s good to know that the place is totally secure.

Money Saving

Maybe one of the biggest draws when it comes to flexible coworking spaces is the cost. The price of owning or renting office space anywhere is huge – then there are rates and tax and utilities on top of the initial cost to consider too. Doing away with the need for a permanent office and hiring a coworking space on an, as and when basis is a much more cost-effective option, and it can make a huge difference to your company’s bottom line.

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