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How a company’s reputation can be improved by recycling

A company succeeds or fails on its reputation; a good reputation will bring you more customers, more sales, and ultimately more profits. You will be able to grow and thrive exactly as you want to. A bad reputation will result in fewer sales because fewer people will want to be associated with your company name, brand, products, or services. Although this sounds fairly frightening, it’s not something that you should lose sleep over – as long as you commit to doing the right thing at all times and admit your mistakes (because every business makes them, no matter how established they are, and it’s how you deal with them that counts).
reputation can be improved by recycling

As strange as it may seem at first, recycling is one way that you can improve your company’s reputation; here’s how it works as explained by QCR.

Reduce your costs

Recycling as much as you can when it comes to glass, cans, paper, cardboard, and anything else that shouldn’t be thrown into the general waste will save you money. There are companies which can provide businesses with equipment, such as cardboard balers and glass crushers, so less is thrown away and more is recycled. That much is obvious, but what might be less obvious is how much money that can save you.

Businesses tend to have to pay for their waste to be picked up, and they hire specialised companies to do it for them. If you’re throwing less away because you’re recycling more, you don’t have to have so many bins or so many pickups.

The same is true if you need to buy new equipment. You could, as many do, simply throw out the old computers and printers and so on, and buy new ones. However, that means you’re contributing to landfill issues around the country. Instead, source companies that will take your old equipment and recycle them, whilst giving you a discount on new purchases at the same time. Everyone wins in this scenario.

How does this help with your reputation? If you’re saving money in your business, you can afford to reduce your prices (or keep them low) and that will make your customers happy. They’ll know you’re looking out for their best interests, and that’s all-important.

Job satisfaction

Keeping your employees as happy as possible and ensuring they have as much job satisfaction as possible will increase productivity and make your company somewhere that people want to work – this increases loyalty within the company and makes it easier (and less expensive) to find new staff members when you need them.

Although there are a number of different benefits and perks that you can offer to make sure your employees are happy in their jobs, recycling in the office is something that really does make people smile more. This is truer now than ever, since the problem of plastic in our seas, in particular, has become a national (and worldwide) issue.

As for your reputation, having happy, successful, contented employees is something that shows everyone how much of a caring company you are, and they are far more likely to buy from a business that treats its employees well than one that doesn’t show they care at all.


When it comes to running a business, getting your marketing right is a battle that has to be won before any good will come of it. That means targeting the right people with the right message, and market research will help you here. However, this can mean that you limit your marketing to a narrow band of consumers. A message that often appeals is one about being environmentally friendly, and if you can mention this, at least briefly, in your advertising, you will open your company up to many more potential customers.

Of course, the more people you can legitimately target with your advertising, the more chance there is of making sales, and higher profits. This can help you to improve your reputation because the more money you have to re-invest in your business, the better it will be overall, and the happier your customers will be too.

The environment

Last, but of course not least, is the idea that if you recycle more you will be helping the environment more. Doing this can seriously raise your profile and make it easier to find new customers (or retain older ones) because they like how you are running your business in the most ethical, planet-friendly way you can.

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