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How office decor can make you more productive

The success of any business establishment is dependent on the mental and physical health of its employees. If they are demotivated or their morale damaged, chances are that they will not be efficient in their day-to-day duties. Being physically unhealthy also means employee absenteeism and an acute dip in productivity.

How office decor can make you more productive

That being said, how can employers ensure that all employees are mentally and physically prepared to perform optimally? Well, by making the office environment-friendly, inspirational, and motivational. However, not only having the right environment and furniture helps. Sometimes, seeking advice from an experienced life coach, who can guide the employees through the necessary steps to overcome their struggles, can really help increase productivity and perform better.

Note that most employees spend at least 8 hours every day, Monday through Friday, working in the same environment. That is too much time to be in a surrounding that doesn’t impact positively on their state of mind. With the right interior decor, however, it is possible to improve the mental health and raise the performance index of every worker.

This post looks into the impact office or house decoration has on your/your employees’ productivity, as told by Elephant Stock.

Reducing fatigue

Beautiful walls and inspirational wall art canvases will always tempt you to look up, away from your computer. Every time you look up, you allow your eyes to refocus and repurpose. Remember that straining for too long in front of a computer can have detrimental effects on your eyesight, can cause fatigue and headaches, and can drain you mentally. Focusing your attention elsewhere once in a while is a sure way of avoiding all those effects. Besides, you get to read something different from the tons of written documents on your desk, which can be very refreshing.

Reduce stress

There is a unique force of attraction that pulls humans close to nature and its sounds. The sight of a green house plant, for example, is enough to kick stress out of someone’s mind. Hearing the sound of nature is enough to ignite more positive, clear thought. And a wall art displaying a waterfall is enough to increase a worker’s creativity.

Also note that house plants are among the largest contributors to fresh air in small, indoor spaces. And because everyone loves clean air, your memory performance is significantly boosted when in the presence of such plants. All these positive changes culminate in more efficiency and increased productivity.

Wall art inspires and motivates

Having a wall art that displays a motivational message or image in the office makes employees both happy and inspired. Think of a message like “You are amazing no matter what”, or “You are capable of achieving great things”, or “You are a leader in your own right”. These are the messages that wall art can pass across, motivating everyone to work a little harder so as to achieve greatness.

More lighting, lesser straining

Improving your office decor also means optimising the lighting in every cubicle. Sufficient light enables people to work without needing to strain their eyes too much. Also, the breezy window environment that comes with increased ventilation can significantly boost employees’ energy and productivity.

Comfortable furniture keeps all workers healthy

Stylish office furniture will make your office appealing in the eyes of guests and customers, but it might not necessarily be comfortable enough for the employees. You must always prioritise comfort over style when choosing office furniture as that can be instrumental in the increase or decrease of employee productivity. If one employee sits for 5-8 hours straight, there is a high probability that he will suffer from back pain or headache if his chair is uncomfortable, leading to employee absenteeism.

Less clutter, increased efficiency

Proper office decor gets rid of clutter and prepares the office for more productive work. Well-organised shelves, for example, make it easier to trace files and serve customers. In the same breath, a well-organised office boosts everyone’s mood and injects a dose of fun on the job. So, ensure that your office has enough and also stylish storage units to keep it organised, appealing, and clutter-free.

In conclusion

It is undeniable that the right office decor can inspire workers to perform better in the workplace. So, it is time to work on those concrete cubicles and make them more aesthetically appealing. And if the office feels more like a cage than a workplace, invest in the right decor to make it more fun and inviting. Finally, find a life coach who can help your unproductive workers to get their rhythm back.

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