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How to quickly onboard new employees

The aim of every business is to grow and expand, and naturally when businesses grow they secure a bigger number of clients. A happy problem with this is that more customers to your business would mean the need to hire more employees; especially those in the sales and support departments. Bringing on board a handful of new employees in a short time span could be challenging because of the time it takes to train them while still making sure that your long-time clients are happy with the services they are provided with.

quickly onboard new employees

Here TalentLMS, show how you can quickly onboard new employees for your business.

Identify core objectives

The success of an onboarding program relies heavily on the content you use for training. Many businesses make the mistake of deploying a one-size-fits-all approach to employee onboarding. The reason this approach fails is that every employee is unique and what works for a person in sales may not work for someone in support.

The first step in content production starts by identifying the core objectives. For an employee in sales, your objectives could include a comprehensive understanding of your product along with all the tips and tricks with respect to client outreach and conversion. While a member from the support staff would also be required to have a thorough understanding of the product, they will need further training on how to deal with support requests.

Once the objectives have been identified, the next step is to create discrete training materials for each of the various objectives. This way, content can be reused across various departments with minimal friction. In the example above, a training session on your product would be necessary for both the sales and support teams while these employees would need to undergo other classes on client outreach and support processes that are not applicable outside their departments.

Preparing onboarding content

The next step in the onboarding process is to prepare training content to address each of these core objectives. One of the most vital elements of this process is the channel deployed. The effectiveness of a lesson varies significantly based on the communication channel. A product demo, for instance, can be best provided through video lessons. At the same time, a lesson on company policies is best delivered through short, text-focused chapters since they are easier and quicker to follow.

Online eLearning tools, also called learning management systems (LMS) come equipped with all these various channels to provide an integrated boarding platform for all kinds of lessons over one platform. The service providers in this space include TalentLMS that also have additional features to create engaging lessons through gamification and assessment-based learning.

Test and improvise

As the saying goes, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. It is not realistic to assess the effectiveness of an onboarding program until you have measured its impact on the learner. In the case of small business onboarding, it is a good idea to assess the candidate on the onboarding lessons with the help of quizzes and assessments. Also, businesses that hire on a routine basis may experiment with multiple training modules to see if there is a discernible impact on employee productivity. Such assessments help an organisation understand what works and what doesn’t. This way, you may tweak the training content and ensure that new recruits are accorded the most effective training sessions for their onboarding.

An employee onboarding is an ongoing process and is highly critical in arresting attrition and keeping your employees productive. The strategies mentioned in this article will go a long way in producing highly productive employees on a consistent basis. For a small business looking to scale up, this is of utmost importance.

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