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Tactical ways to make your employees more productive

The reason why you started your business is because you want it to be an empire. Simply put, you want it to become one of the most successful enterprises around. Your dream is to dine with renowned entrepreneurs in the globe or appear in the next issue of Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest people in your country or the world. However, to earn all this, you need first to encourage your employees to be the best version of themselves. You need to enhance their productivity so that you cannot only make them happy but also more efficient in their jobs. But how do you do this?

make your employees more productive

Below are some tactical ways that will help you achieve this by making your employees more productive as told by StandYou:

Be a leader, not a manager

The first step towards making your employees more productive is to be the best version of yourself. If you are the kind of person who will get to work and all the employees, hide under the table because they fear your wrath, then you will lose it all. Rest assured that they will stay in your organisation because they need that job, but once they get greener pastures, they will undoubtedly leave, and you will suffer from high employee turnover. This will, in turn, affect your revenues, and if you are not careful, you will lose business.

Of course, you will need to make a hard decision for your business to move forward. Nevertheless, involve your employees in decision making, and let them feel like an integral part of the organisation. When you do this, you will encourage them to feel as though they are partners in the business; hence they will work hard towards the achievement of a goal.

Create a culture of feedback and transparency

Without communication, your organisation will be as good as dead. Put infrastructure in place that will help your employees engage with each other, share ideas, and work together as a team.

Additionally, encourage them to embrace transparency. As the CEO, start by admitting when you make mistakes, and they will follow suit. Never demonstrate that you are always right. Promote a culture of learning by showing the employees that admitting mistakes is not a punishable crime.

Encourage career advancement

One of the biggest mistakes that most managers make is to restrict their employees from advancing their career. If you want them to be highly productive, allow them to advance their studies and training. Organise various training sessions for them, or better still, join a professional organisation that will do this for you. Look for the best coaching institutes and sites to specific to their field. When they are through, they can then come back to the organisation and help you realise your business goals and objectives.

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