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We have hundreds of guides on Company Bug, covering everything from what to consider before starting up, to employing staff, dealing with taxes and expenses, and how to set up an online presence for your business.

Business Guides

  • Company Guides – How to decide which business structure to trade under, and form a business.
  • Tax / Accounts – Everything you need to know about how your business is taxed.
  • Business Expenses – Which business expenses can you legitimately offset against your business profits?
  • Business Finance – How to fund your business, from taking out a bank loan, to dealing with business angels.
  • Grow a Business – Useful tips to help you expand your business.
  • Contracting Guides – Essential guides if you’re thinking about setting up in business as an IT contractor or freelancer.
  • Insurance – How to protect your business by taking out the right level of insurance cover.
  • Legal / People – How to hire and fire staff, and make sure your business is compliant with the law and regulations.
  • Starting Up – The basics – how to set up in business for the first time, and make sure you have a business idea that is likely to succeed.
  • Success Stories – Interesting stories from people who have already made a success in business.