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Business benefits when employees travel on their PTO

Like many business owners, you may dread holiday periods coming around. Finding someone to fill in for an employee’s essential duties can be a dismal task. However, there are positive days ahead, as your business will benefit in the following ways when your employee returns from their vacation. Here Austrack Campers highlight why it’s important to encourage your employees to travel while on paid time off.

business benefits when employees travel

Cultural exposure improves employee-customer relationships

Travelling exposes employees to diverse environments, people and cultures. This gives them a better perspective on life in general upon return. Employees familiar with variety and change are more receptive to new ideas introduced into your company’s culture.

Staff members who interact with different cultures are typically more open to working with a diverse range of customers and staff. They’ll be more understanding of their needs and backgrounds. They might even be able to connect with them on a personal level if that person is from wherever they have travelled to.

Travelling reduces stress

When employees take holidays, it improves their concentration and mental health. Encourage your employees to take real holidays. Many people feel obligated to help ageing parents during their time off or finish duties and projects they put off while working. These things do not help reduce stress.

Educate your employees about the benefits of detaching from daily worries. Reducing their amount of stress by travelling, for example, will help them to lower their risk of heart disease. When your worker returns to their daily routine after enjoying a relaxing trip, they will most likely feel rejuvenated. Your business benefits directly as they will come back with a new energy that will positively impact their productivity.

Experiencing new things makes self-confidence grow

Many people like to try new foods, visit unique places, play foreign sports or games, and learn about a different way to live when they travel. Not only will they gain new experiences, but they will become more independent. That’s true whether they are going abroad or staying within the country.

Someone who gets a campervan, for example, and heads off on a road trip can potentially learn new skills—such as mapping, driving on tough mountainous roads and communicating with strangers. Learning those and other skills enables them to become more self-confident as they realise that they can do hard things or things they have never done before.

When your employee returns with this sense of self-confidence, they may be more willing to take on harder projects or learn new tasks that they have never done before at work. Not to be confused with arrogance, an appropriate dose of self-confidence is a key quality in successful people—especially the people who are able to help your business progress.

Foster your company’s culture from the top down by encouraging everyone to take some time off to go on holiday. By doing so, you’ll see employee morale improve and your business benefit as a whole.

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