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How to connect better with your customers

Is there anything more important than customer satisfaction when it comes to ensuring that your business achieves the best results? Well, unless you’re selling your products or services to people who have no basic knowledge of what quality product means, the question of how important of a role customer satisfaction plays in business marketing cannot be undermined in any aspect.

How to connect better with your customersHere PeoplePulse explains how you can connect better with your customers and increase your business productivity.

Unsatisfied customers

Customers are after all, the primary and the only reason why your products/services sell in the first place. So, it only makes sense that you do everything to make them happy. Studies report that almost 96.7% of the customers will never complain/ respond to the below-average products that they receive from their providers. So, does that mean it’s good that they don’t react to the poor quality of products/service they receive or use? Well, you may think and hope that it is, but it isn’t. Majority of those customers who receive poor quality products/services in return are more than happy to share their unpleasant experience with other people aka negative word-to-mouth reviews. This can (will) ultimately result in the decline of your product demand which directly affects your company’s reputation and of course your business revenue.

Feedback and reviews

So, what is the most logical solution? Obviously, the most logical approach would be to improve the quality of your company’s product. But, again, how will you ever identify the fault in your product if the customers do not express their bad service/ product experience? So, wouldn’t the best solution be initiating a process to encourage your customers to share their experience (both positive and negative)? This way you can analyse your product/service and work towards improving the overall quality. This is precisely what customer survey solutions are designed to achieve, and they give your company an overview of what and where your products may be failing to achieve.

Customer survey solutions are an effective and efficient way of collecting data from your customers, or in simple terminology, an effective customer feedback technique. Here are some of the advantages of collecting feedback from your customers:


When you allow your customers the complete freedom to express their honest opinions about your product/service, it creates a sense of connection between you (the provider) and your customer. It also is the best way to show that you as a genuine business organisation is willing to listen to your customers and work towards improving the products in the future.

A platform to express themselves

The implementation of customer feedback is the best way to let your customers provide you with valid reviews. Providing your customers with a platform to give their honest opinions also eliminates the need to spread negative word-to-mouth to other new and potential future customers. This can prove to be a much more effective method of dealing with negative critiques as studies have shown that people trust word-to-mouth recommendations more than any other forms of reviews.

Helps you understand your customer’s requirements

There is no greater way to understand your customer’s priorities than an effective customer survey, as it will really allow you to gain insight into what they are looking for or expect from your company. Different people react differently to the same product. While it may produce significant positive reviews from a group of people, it may have an adverse effect on another group of people. It is important for you to identify those people who may have a slightly different idea of what your products or services should be like. Of course, it’s not wise to take all the negative critiques and change your product entirely but, they can help in re-modelling the products to reach out to a larger audience.

These are only some of the many benefits of implementing an effective customer survey solution in your business organisation. The importance of keeping close professional proximity with your customers and their helpful responses in contributing to your business success cannot be overstated in any manner.

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