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How to grow your small business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform for businesses to post job listings, promote their services, and post what people do in their day-to-day life. Whether a premium member or not, LinkedIn provides many advantages for small businesses to connect with individuals as well as search for any upcoming events and webinars that could benefit the business. Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is just the start of growing your business, and here is how you can continue to grow your small business on LinkedIn.

Complete your company profile

As a growing business, your aim is like going to be gaining more clients and business engagement, which can be achieved through social media. By completing your company profile on LinkedIn, users will be able to understand what your business is and where to find your website.

When creating a LinkedIn company profile, you’ll need to include how to establish your company presence, increase your engagement and reach, and how to drive this to increase followers and clients.

To establish a presence on LinkedIn, your business will need to include:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Description

To increase your reach on LinkedIn, you will need to include:

  • Logo
  • Website URL
  • Location
  • Grow your followers
  • Custom button
  • Create your first post
  • Use hashtags

By displaying your company URL and explaining the business and what you do, it will instantly let others know where to find you and if it’s of interest. To be able to grow your followers, they will also need to know important information such as where your business is located (if it is accessible to them), what you can do to help clients, and what up-to-date news or products you post on social media. By completing the above, your small business will be able to flourish and grow on LinkedIn.

Use InMail messaging

By signing up for LinkedIn premium, you will receive many benefits such as sending InMail messages and the ability to use LinkedIn offers. As a premium LinkedIn member, this also opens up the opportunity to InMail message individuals you’re not connected to and promote your business. Reaching a wider audience opens up the occasion to ask individuals to use your services; this is a great way to further your network and put your business out there to individuals who won’t necessarily see your business. InMail messaging may not necessarily give you any responses from those you have messaged, but is a great way to approach users to give information about your business in the hopes that the information is passed on.

Share regular content on LinkedIn

Sharing regular content on LinkedIn will help to boost your small business and widen your network. Whether this is content on your company page or from an employee within the company on their own profiles, even as a professional platform, LinkedIn is popular for individuals sharing their work or personal stories to engage with users on a more personal level.

Hitting the spot with other professionals through regular content will gain impressions on your posts and will likely result in engagement and an increase in followers. Sharing a story about a failed interview, lessons learned in a previous job, or even securing a recent job are all stories that intrigue users on LinkedIn. These types of stories always peak audience interest so balancing your content between work-related posts and tips or more personal stories will help to increase your following on LinkedIn. If a post goes viral, LinkedIn is likely to ‘spotlight’ your post and place it in a LinkedIn category.

Boost your business on LinkedIn by sharing posts that relate to your job or company, and engage with other businesses as well as sharing your own posts. This will help get your name out into the world and promote your business while engaging with others. When sharing your own or someone else’s post, hashtags are a vital way to increase engagement and visibility of the post. Use 3-5 hashtags on LinkedIn to drive engagement to your page as these will be keywords to navigate your posts.

Invite users to follow your business page

LinkedIn has a limited number of invitations for you to use when requesting for people to follow your business page, so make sure you pick out relevant people who might be interested in your business rather than throwing out invitations. Users who follow your business page will be shown your content on their LinkedIn feed, and if they engage with it it will appear on their followers’ feeds, and is therefore more likely to catch the attention of others too.  Increasing the number of followers on LinkedIn will also help to drive traffic to your website when adding links in your social media posts and on your company profile.

Provide job listings for your small business

It is also worth noting that LinkedIn is a popular way to seek jobs. If you are hiring then having your business profile up-to-date and highlighting keywords when adding jobs to your company page will help your business expand in the job search section on LinkedIn.

By following these tips your small business will grow, and with the help of the popular social media platform LinkedIn you will start to gain interest from future clients. Make sure you have all of your information visible on your company profile, create engaging content and use relevant hashtags to draw people in to your social media posts.

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