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Use these 6 expert tips to improve your small business in 2020

In the business world today, the competition is becoming more serious. This is why it is crucial for business owners to pay attention to the latest trends to get ahead, especially for small businesses. Getting ahead means accessing new knowledge, skills, resources, and tools. And you can only learn these things when you break away from your comfort zone.

Use these 6 expert tips to improve your small business in 2020

2019 is already approaching its near end. As early as today, you must already think of new strategies and techniques to start strong in 2020 and even progress for the rest of the year. If you are having challenges and struggles on improving your current model, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered six expert tips for you on how to improve your business, as told by Office Chairist.

1. Remote work will become the new norm

Growing your business is not easy as costs are on the rise. Infrastructures and other overhead costs can pretty much impact your overall business. So, as much as possible, you have to minimise them. This is why remote work has become increasingly popular in almost all parts of the globe.

Thanks to the wonderful works of technology, working in an office for eight hours a day is no longer the norm. There are remote apps and software already that can pretty much do the job.

Instead of spending time commuting to and from work, you can maximise everything in the comfort of your own with the use of today’s technology.

2. Use squeeze pages to generate leads

Are you getting not enough leads for your business? Think again as it might be because of your website setup. Many businesses today fail to recognise the advantage of utilising a squeeze page. Instead of focusing on how to make your basic homepage look stunning, try to incorporate a squeeze page.

You can effectively generate leads with the use of landing pages wherein you can get lead data for higher responses of potential subscribers. You can also disseminate more information about your company, along with updates and movements as well as products.

3. Improve productivity with some simple hacks

If you want to grow and improve your business in 2020, think of ways on how to improve productivity within the workplace. While conventions and incentives can help you increase productivity, there are a lot more ways that are creative to do this efficiently.

Sometimes, even the simplest tools inside the office can revolutionise the dynamic inside the workspace. For example, office furniture like chairs, tables, and computers can actually serve as integral items to increase productivity. Is someone from your workspace suffering from a bad posture? This can be one of the causes of poor productivity. And one of the best ways to resolve this is to replace the current office chairs with more back-friendly chairs.

4. Get started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective techniques in growing a business. It’s very convenient as you don’t need to hire another person to do the job, and yet, it’s like having a partner that can effectively help you with your business.

Affiliate marketers profit from their own work. And sometimes, they only need to market and advertise your product or service to get a commission from the sales that they will transfer to your company.

Keep in mind that there are tons of affiliate marketing practices today. And every marketer can become very creative and resourceful as these will be their selling point. And the more creative they are, the bigger the benefits on your end.

5. Customer service must have a personal touch

It’s no longer a secret that customer service should have a personal touch. Whether it’s a pre-sale event or a post-sale service, customers must always feel that they are welcome anytime. This is why you must choose your reps carefully. They should know how to socialise with the customers and clients while knowing their limits.

As a business owner, you, yourself must be an advocate of this model. You should be the one setting an example to everyone on how to take good care of your customers. It is worth noting that they are some of the crucial reasons why your business is working.

6. Social media marketing experts will be key

Gone are the days when marketing and advertising are more effective when done in visual prints. In today’s generation, technology has become the number one tool in any business. If you’ve managed to stay traditional up until today, then think of changing already in 2020 as you will be left behind considering how aggressive the competition has become in the business world.

At times like this, you have to take advantage of social media marketers and experts. Level up with today’s trends and generation. And understand that social media is a very powerful tool.

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