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Marketing your start up – 4 tips to get you started

When it comes to promoting your start up sometimes the smallest methods can have the biggest impacts on the success of your business. Most methods don’t require a lot of budget however you should invest some time to make sure you see the maximum benefit. You need to make sure you spend some time understanding your market and industry so you know what will work best for your brand!


Here National Pen give you 4 top tips to get your marketing started:

Get social

Networking through social media with potential customers, clients and other industry experts. You can use free tools online such as Hootsuite to put a simple schedule into place to give you a basic weekly online presence and then consider dedicating some time each day to replying and engaging with your online community. This is something that is cost-free but does require you setting aside some regular time to utilise this to its maximum potential.

Networking is vital

Networking is key when you start out, it’s important to make connections within your industry and network with the right people. Take some time to identify some local or industry events that might be worth attending throughout the year and try to book some in.

It helps to attend them regularly to ensure you’re staying connected and involved with the industry you’re in.  If you’re an expert within your field, speaking or appearing on a panel at an event can really help get you noticed by the right people and can help you network with a wider group of people.

Engagement is key

Once you’ve networked and introduced yourself to the people within your industry or potential clients and customers, it’s time to engage with them. Make sure you reach out to them or engage with them online, it’s important to continue building up a relationship with people within your industry. If you have customers engaging with you on platforms such as social media, make sure you spend some time responding and building up that relationship too, it can help to build up some brand loyalty over time.

Back to basics

Sometimes you can’t beat some traditional marketing when it comes to getting your brand name out there, this covers things such as printed media, branded products including pens, keyrings or t-shirts, or even getting featured in the media, so looking at PR methods. And getting your brand’s name in front of as many people as possible doesn’t have to break the bank when, you could achieve this by spending some time contacting local media stations or magazines to see if they might be interested in doing a collaborative feature.

More on starting up and low budget marketing here.

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