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How to offer clients the best possible service, securing repeat custom

Everybody wants more sales. Everybody wants marketing techniques that work, and 5-star product reviews that lead to more interest from potential customers. But where to begin? 

How to offer clients the best possible service, securing repeat custom

Loyalty is always where business begins. Creating loyal customers means repeat sales and an ever-growing slice of the pie. Let’s look at how to secure repeat custom as told by Sage.

CRM technology 

A CRM software provider can help you in many ways. First, if you currently have no real idea of your demographics, you could be missing out on easy wins. Conversely, you could also be wasting marketing time and money in areas that show very little response to your product or service. 

Next, CRM software can help you to onboard customers. Think about things like automated welcome emails that highlight your offers, or how details of previous sales can help you to drive new products towards customers who are most likely to show an interest. 

Collecting and recording data is one thing, but easy to access data that helps you uncover the most appropriate marketing strategies is a different ball game. CRM software can help you to plan and implement marketing strategies that filter your message in the right way to the right people – it’s like removing your business blindfold. Where customers are treated like they matter, with targeted meaningful messages, you stand a greater chance of securing repeat custom.

Ask for feedback … and be prepared to act on it

Businesses know best. Or, they think they do. Founding CEOs with X number of years in the industry and a handful of business courses under their belts always seem to think they can lead the market in the direction they choose. And then they fail. Here’s why.

Have you ever walked in a park and noticed an unofficial pathway of worn grass cutting between two popular points, say, between a gate at the edge of the park and a coffee shop next to the playing area? That is where people want a path to be. Even if there isn’t one. They will walk that way and make one. It’s called a desire line. And they exist in business, too.

Pay attention to desire lines. People have no reason to support you unless you provide a product or service that meets their needs. Customers will always find a way to get what they want – and if you don’t act on feedback to ensure they get it from you, your consumer base will start to dwindle. 

Say thank you (and mean it)

Contacting customers to thank them for interacting with your company is a fantastic way to ensure repeat custom. You could even reiterate your sign up offer at that stage, mentioning that they could benefit from a discount on all repeat orders going forward by completing the attached form. 

People want to feel like you were happy they arrived, you were available throughout the sales cycle, and you are ready and waiting to go again. Connecting before, during and after the sale is a proven way to funnel your customers into repeat sales.

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