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5 time-tested project management tools for small business owners

Every company’s beginning is hard, which is why small business owners are tasked with perfectly balancing the budget, or risk unplanned bankruptcy and an abrupt end.

project management tools for small business owners

To manage small teams, there must be a ‘fireplace’ where everyone would gather and share contents, work together, express their opinion, and coordinate with each other. To save on monthly expenses, search for apps with more quality at affordable pricing. Here are the best 5 time-tested project management tools for small business owners that can really transform a small business, as told by Victoria Zhlobich from GanttPRO.


Project management software is usually paid per ‘single user’ subscription’. Such is the case with GanttPRO, where the cheapest plan costs £4.80 for 15 users. This app is easy to adapt to and bases its concept on Gantt charts, which makes every bit of progress look more clear and transparent.

Currently, there are around 350,000 registered users allocating their time according to project requirements. That’s exactly what a small business needs to improve its reputation, less slacking and more work done.


Recently, Basecamp switched pricing to a single plan costing £81/month. The number of users and projects is unlimited, and users can test every available feature to see which works best for them.

Compared to ‘per user’ apps, Basecamp might seem a bit unfair due to the difference in staff count within startups. However, with over 3 million accounts signed up by 2019, at least 20% of them are small business owners.

Available for all the major OS, Basecamp assists team members by creating multiple boards, managed by admins. It’s a fun app to use if your budget allows it.


Asana has a ‘basic’ plan for users with little to no knowledge of project management software. Although this plan has limited features, it would be a great start without having to spend a dime. Having a free version is great for small businesses who may not have the budget just yet or want to see what a product can do before investing in it.

Asana’s cheapest paid plan is enough for small businesses and users may get small team discounts. It’s valued at £8.15/month, per user, and includes custom templates, admin console, private teams, premium content, and advanced reporting.


Using AI, LiquidPlanner quickly rose through the ranks in the past few years. Thanks to advanced analytics charts and API access for customisation, coworkers can see what they’re doing and pick up the pace if behind on schedule.

A 14-day, a no-credit-card trial will point out what project managers can do with this app. As for small business plans, it costs as little as £36.75/month per user. With prices greatly differing from the other apps on this list, LiquidPlanner is mostly used by stable startups with long-term clients.


Praised for its mobile app design and very persistent deadline reminders, this project management app can be acquired either by annual or monthly payments.

Starting at £5.72/month per user, managers can create and delegate an unlimited number of projects and tasks, track time and manage clients, deliver advanced reports, and compare income vs. expenditure.

Extra accounting features like invoicing and online payments are available for £2/month for a single user. This could save a lot of money during the first fiscal year of any startup.


All these apps differ in the way they function, although their sole purpose remains to manage small teams online with ease and efficiency. Thus, investing in the most appropriate one goes a long way towards building an organised company with effective employees.

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