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How to strengthen your SEO strategy to improve visibility and sales

Having a digital marketing campaign that does not use a stable strategy for SEO is similar to driving on an unfamiliar road without using a roadmap. The chances of success become slim as you are not able to find a way. SEO is a tool that can be used to let the customers find you on the internet. The continuous changes in the Google search algorithms and the cut-throat competition in the market makes it necessary to improve your SEO techniques constantly. You are constantly required to adapt to the movement of these algorithms.

How to strengthen your SEO strategy to improve visibility and sales

Here Funnelish looks at best SEO practices for amplifying your SEO strategy to improve visibility and a higher SERP ranking.

Correct the problem of keyword cannibalization

Content cannibalization is a term applied to a kind of content creation when a website accidentally targets the same keyword for various pages and blog posts. So, when the user searches for these terms Google will try to identify more relevant pages for the user query. Google spiders use keywords to understand the content on your website. If two pages of content are similar these crawlers will select the most relevant page for the users. If there are two blog posts that are too similar Google may get it wrong. Therefore you need to get the keyword cannibalization right for your website.

Use schema markup for revamping the SEO strategy

The schema markups are code snippets on your site that allow Google crawlers to find the content quickly and provide the searchers with useful data. The schema markup makes it simpler for the search engines to show the content to the users. Your content will appear prominently in the search results and will drive organic content to raise your SEO ranking. Semantic vocabulary is used by the code to inform the search engines about the content.

Have more evergreen content on the website

Evergreen content refers to the content pieces that are timeless. They are opposite to the blog posts that are sensitive to time and are always relevant and applicable to the readers. This kind of blog content is relevant for a long period and minimal updates are required. Therefore you need to create content that is educational for the readers and persuades them to keep coming back to your site for more reading. This kind of content is SEO content and is relevant. It always ranks well in Google for several keywords.

A blog post containing evergreen content that is optimised for the search engines will continue to stay relevant and will rank well in the eyes of Google for several keywords. Google loves these posts as they are fresh, informative, and useful for the readers. Consumers are quite likely to bookmark the websites containing these blog posts for reference and share them with others.

Make sure that you have a Google My Business listing

Google My Business is a significant marketing tool to improve your SEO strategy. The digital marketing tool is useful for assistance in helping the SEO techniques as the consumers are able to find your business quickly during their searches. Therefore it is a good idea to amplify the SEO strategies by using Google My Business listing. You can access this software and enter all your business information. Add photographs along with useful information such as contact details.

Gather customer reviews

Apart from the advantages listed above, Google My Business allows you to collect customer reviews that are helpful in establishing the credibility of a brand and it influences the decisions of buyers. These customer reviews are also useful for the SEO strategy as they can get you to the number one page in Google. The “Google reviews” button can be used by the customers to write reviews. After the button is clicked it takes you to a page where you are required to click a “Write a review” button and then you can enter your thoughts about the product.


All these elements are helpful in improving your SEO strategy for ranking in the eyes of search engines. A stable SEO strategy can be used for driving more traffic to your website and it also increases sales and leads. So, apply these SEO tips for testing your performance in the SERPs for identifying what is most suitable for your SEO efforts. Improve on the tactics that are working out for you and discard or adjust the ones that are not providing any results.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can seriously increase your sales by using sales funnels. A sales funnel, which you can get through tools like Clickfunnels, enables you to develop a page (basically a website) with the sole intent of selling a singular product. Sales funnels are the most optimised way to sell online, as they’re basically virtual salespeople for your products. Furthermore, using ClickFunnels Plugins, such as Funnelish, you can level up your funnels by adding easier checkout options, social proof and easy tracking.

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