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Five ways to beat the Christmas competition

Christmas sales are crucial in the success of a business and is the key period of the year that determines the overall profit margin for the year, so it is vital to implement a strong business and marketing plan for the festive season to make sure that your business will continue to grow and thrive into the New Year.

beat the Christmas competition

For ideas on how to boost your Christmas sales and stand out from the competition, wholesale fashion retailer BGirl Fashion has five ways your business can maximise its potential this season, no matter what industry.

1. Maximise your website’s potential

In June 2019, the Office of National Statistics found that eCommerce has continued to steadily grow, with the online share of overall retail sales in the UK currently at 16% rising from 9% in 2012, showing that a brand’s website has a huge part to play in the profit and success of a business and is continuing to become an increasingly popular way for consumers to shop. As most consumers rely on a swift and easy checkout online, make sure that your website can deal with the high demand and quantity of product before the Christmas rush!

2. Invest in your staff

People are at the heart of all businesses, so particularly in small businesses, it is vital to look after your employees to ensure the core of your business is strong and people are working to the best of their ability, particularly at the busiest time of year where stress can override many situations within the workplace as demand for products is increased at Christmas.

Be sure to offer incentives and schemes to your employees to increase morale and make the overall working environment a more positive place to be, such as Christmas treats, prizes and festive decorations to enhance the mood and atmosphere.

3. Keep your consistency

A good business should be consistent in its success YOY (year on year) to ensure growth and success. With Christmas leading to an increase in demand, this can also lead to an increase in mistakes when procedures are complicated. To remain consistent and keep delivering a high standard of service to your customers, make sure to not cut corners in all processes, from manufacturing to customer service, while keeping each function of the business as simple and practical as possible.

4. Communicate with your audience

Your business audience is the driving force for your success, so it’s key to involve them and keep in contact with them throughout their order process and at intervals throughout the year from marketing emails that include offers, news and discounts, to package updates when an order has been shipped and delivered.

Particularly for small businesses, this communication plays a vital part in building that relationship with your audience and can even secure potential business and widen your audience as your brand reputation and awareness is built up both online and via word of mouth.

5. Be social

Social media is now a key player in any successful business’ marketing strategy and offers the audience 24/7 connection and up-to-the-minute updates from a brand. Brands benefit from social platforms as a freeway of marketing and reaching a wider audience as well as publishing great quality visual campaigns on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to further publicise and increase brand awareness. Marketing also extents to likes, comments and hashtags to gain traction and interest, which is particularly good for brands looking to build their online presence and increase sales. Social media is a great way to shamelessly promote your business for free, which is ideal for capitalising on, especially over the festive period.

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