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How to set up your business for an expansion of the workforce

When you are starting out as an entrepreneur, your dream is to grow your business into something much bigger. But once you turn this dream into reality, you should now plan on bringing new talents on board to ease pressure on your current workforce. This requires detailed planning and thorough vetting to ensure you add the right people to your time.

How to set up your business for an expansion of the workforce

Here are some of the ways to prepare your business for an expansion of the workforce, as told by NH Global Partners.

1. Hiring needs and space requirements

Before hiring any more workers, have a clear idea of what you need from them. Determine the tasks that have increased and if you’ll be hiring staff on a temporary or permanent basis. On top of that, determine the physical ability of your business to hire more employees. Do you have sufficient space to accommodate an expanding workforce or will new members work from home? When workers are overcrowded, arguments and disappointments in the workplace tend to hit the roof, which affect overall staff morale and reduce productivity.

If you’re seriously considering expanding your team, then it’s extremely important to expand the workplace space, as well. Relocating to a new space is a huge task, and it must be done before you begin the hiring process.  If you don’t have the financial muscle to expand your office space, consider offering both your existing staff and new hires an opportunity to work remotely. Another way to maximize the available space is to implement shift working patterns such that different teams are in the building at a separate set of hours.

2. Office dynamics

 Consider office dynamics and the cooperation among your workers before bringing new members on board. If you’re not careful, you may hire individuals who might upset the office harmony. So it’s important to look beyond the abilities and experience of the individuals you recruit. Gather information about their character, mindset, and whether they’re compatible with your existing workforce and culture. Do your best to sustain your current office dynamic because it’s extremely hard to recapture or restore it once it’s lost.

3. Costs

The process of hiring the right people for your company is demanding and expensive, as well. You need to consider how the cost of recruiting new staff members will impact your company. Determine the short-term implications on your business. Although the short-term costs may be negative, expanding your workforce will generate massive rewards in the long-term. So the short-term implications shouldn’t make you shelve your plan of adding new team members. According to NH Global Partners, hiring costs is one of the things you should look up when researching expansion of the workforce.

4. The right tools and equipment

What tools and equipment will the new hires require? You should provide the necessary equipment to help your new team members deliver on their work obligations. For example, they may need uniforms, PCs, and access to essential business applications. On-site staff will require personal protection equipment (PPE) and additional vehicles.

5. Management Demands

An increase in the number of employees often translates to more workload for your existing managers. The workload may overwhelm them, and they might require some additional assistance. If your manager(s) has a lot of work responsibilities, they won’t perform their jobs effectively. Talk to your managers and find out their thoughts concerning your plans to hire new staff. You may need to re-evaluate their remits or hire new managers to ease some pressure off your current managers.  It’s important to address this issue in advance to ward off inconveniences that may arise when you already have an expanded workforce in the workplace.

6. Invest in a staff induction program

Once you’ve added new people to your workforce, it’s important to help them settle in the new working environment faster. A well-structured induction program will really come in handy. It doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. Instead, it should be easy-to-follow and time-conscious. The idea here is to put in place a program that’ll help new hires get used to their new workplace quickly and stress-freely.


Expanding your workforce can bring in new ideas, approaches, and procedures that could eventually enhance your profitability. But you must hire the right people who will fit into your existing office dynamics. Careful planning will help you streamline the hiring processes and minimize your business cost.

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